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Invited Lecture
The 4th ELSI International Symposium
January 15, 2016
Are we really from Tharsis? An analysis of the electrochemical environment of early Martian high-altitude glaciers during late Naochian time.
Joseph L. Kirschvink
Invited Lecture
The 4th ELSI International Symposium
January 15, 2016
Disequilibrium of prebiotic atmosphere: C-H-O systems and role of water
Yuichiro Ueno
Invited Lecture
The 4th ELSI International Symposium
January 13, 2016
Giant impacts and early evolution of terrestrial planets
Hidenori Genda
Invited Lecture
The 4th ELSI International Symposium
January 12, 2016
Planet Formation and Origins of H2O, C & N on the Earth
Shigeru Ida
Invited Lecture
1st Kavli IPMU-ELSI Joint Public Lecture "Question of Origins"
January 10, 2016
地球の起源と生命の誕生 (Translation: The origin of life and Earth)
Kei Hirose

Invited Lecture|2014

Date December 15, 2014 Name John Hernlund
Sound velocities and melting of Fe-Ni-Si system at high pressures under shock loading
American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA
Date November 13 - November 14, 2014 Name Yusuke Tsukatani and Shinji Masuda
Artificial creation of oxygenic photosynthesis: Elucidation of genetic backgrounds for chlorophyll a biosynthesis
Annual Symposium of Japan Society for Cell Synthesis Research, Tokyo University, Japan
Date November 7, 2014 Name Yusuke Tsukatani and Shinji Masuda
Evolution from primitive photosynthesis to oxygenic photosynthesis
Bioconference2014, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
Date October 27 - October 31, 2014 Name Masashi Aono
Amoeba-inspired Nanoarchitectonic Computing for Solving Computationally Demanding Problems (Keynote Lecture)
The 15th edition of Trends in Nanotechnology International Conference (TNT2014), Barcelona, Spain
Date October 24 - October 26, 2014 Name M. Aono, S.-J. Kim, S. Kasai, H. Miwa, M. Naruse
Amoeba-inspired Computing Paradigm, New Challenges in Complex Systems Science
Waseda AICS Symposium and the 14th Slovenia-Japan Seminar, Waseda University, Tokyo
Date September 8, 2014 Name Daisuke Kiga
Special lecture for sixth grader 「The Mystery of Life」
Ohyamaguchi Elementary School
Date September 6, 2014 Name Kei Hirose
Origins:Earth and Life
Tokyo Tech Alumni Association the Okayama Branch
Date August 29, 2014 Name Norio Kitadai
Proto Metabolism
The sumer school on the origin and evolution of life
Date August 7, 2014 Name Jun Kimura
Ocean under ice: Prospect for extra-terrestrial biosphere
Special lecture for Super Science Highschool at ELSI/Tokyo Tech
Date July 16, 2014 Name Kei Hirose
Origin of water on the Earth
Tokyo Tech Inspiring Lecture Series1, Origins:Earth and Life -Science at ELSI-, Kuramae-hall, Tokyo, Japan