For Employees

Emargency Care

Please note that the emergency telephone numbers in Japan are as follows:

For police: 110

For fire or ambulance: 119

Please program the following emergency number in your mobile in case of an emergency on Tokyo Tech's Ookayama campus: (03) 5734-3119. It will connect you to the main gatehouse.

In case you need to give the Ookayama campus address when calling 110 or 119, it is: Ota-ku, Ishikawa-cho, 1-chome, 31-ban.

In the event of an Earthquake

  • 1) Hide under a desk to protect yourself from falling objects if the shaking is severe. If conditions allow, make sure that any sources of fire are put out or turned off. Open the door and plan for quick evacuation.
  • 2) When shaking subsides, quickly evacuate. If conditions allow, make sure again that the gas is turned off and any sources of fire are put out. Make a quick count of the number of people evacuating. Do not use lifts.
  • 3) When evacuating, please check for fires, for whether there are injured people that need assistance, and to take out any emergency bags/kits with you.

University Information

Tokyo Institute of Technology conducts an annual "disaster drill" in mid-November. All teachers, students and staff of the university must participate in this drill to prepare for quick and appropriate response in the event of an emergency or disaster.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding emergency matters, please discuss it with the ELSI staff.