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Date April 15, 2015 Name Masahi Aono
<スペシャル対談>田辺イエロウ×青野真士 (Translation: Special interview; Yellow Tanabe and Masashi Aono)
Shogakukan comic, My First BIG, Kekkaishi: My lord
Date April 7, 2015 Name Jun Kimura, Hidenori Genda, Yuka Fujii, Daisuke Kiga, Masashi Aono, Norio Kitadai
「第3回地球生命研究所(ELSI)国際シンポジウム」開催報告 (Translation: Event reports; The 3rd ELSI International Symposium)
Journal of The Japanese Society for Planetary Sciences "Yu-sei-jin"
Date March 10, 2015 Name Joe Kirschvink (Joint authorship)
A New History of Life: The Radical New Discoveries About the Origins and Evolution of Life on Earth
Bloomsbury Publishing
Date January 1, 2015 Name Shigeru Ida
Front Runner 知のパイオニアたち (Translation: Pioneers of the intellect)
SQUET January 2015
Date December 27, 2014 Name Takayuki Saitoh
銀河系 全図 (Newton別冊) (Translation: The Galaxy complete chart)
Newton additional volume mook
Date December 8, 2014 Name Masayuki Nishi
Deep water cycle: Mantle hydration
Nature Geoscience
Date December 1, 2014 Name Ken Kurokawa
JSTバイオサイエンスデータベースセンター (NBDC)の取り組み (Translation: Effort of JST bioscience database center (NBDC))
JST News
Date November 7, 2014 Name Yuichiro Ueno
Coping with low ocean sulfate
Science Vol. 346 no. 6210 pp. 703-704
Date October 1, 2014 Name Masashi Aono
<さきがける科学人> 粘菌の動きで問題解決! (Translation: Solving problems with movements of slime mold)
JST News
Date August 12, 2014 Name Hiroyuki Ohta
<日本最先端の頭の中身 VOL.19> 太田啓之教授 (Translation: The most advanced technologies in Japan)
Kettle VOL.20