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Date December 2013 Name Masahiko Hara
From slime mold computer to the origin of life
Date June 26, 2014 Name Shigeru Ida
系外惑星グランプリ (Translation: Extrasolar planet Grand Prix)
Newton No.8
Date June 26, 2014 Name Takayuki Saitoh
Evolution of the space -Colliding galaxy-
Newton No.8
Date 2014 Name Jun Kimura
Icy moon and water ocean: Explorations of the Jovian system
Transactions of the Institute of Natural Science, Senshu University 94
Date 2014 Name Ward, P.D. and Kirschvink, J.l.
A New History of Life: From Formation to Information. (2013)
Bloomsbury Press, N.Y.
Date June 6, 2014 Name Ken Takai
The earth life was born in the deep sea
Shueisha Kotoba No.16
Date June 6, 2014 Name Daisuke Kiga
Understand life by making it
Shueisha Kotoba No.16
Date May 26, 2014 Name Shigeru Ida, Hidenori Genda
Solar system -birth and evolution-
Newton No.7
Date March 28, 2014 Name Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI)
Japanese Universities Gain a Competitive Edge (P1528)
Date March 25, 2014 Name Shinji Masuda
Yume no kusuri; File.20 -PICCORO-
Yozemi journal