Latest NASA Astrobiology comic features ELSI

The 7th issue of graphic booklet by NASA Astrobiology features ELSI researchers and staff. The booklet series "Astrobiology: The Story of our Search for Life in the Universe" is produced focusing on different themes and the latest issue focuses on "Prebiotic Chemistry and the Origin of Life."

Astrobiology comic_issue7.jpg

Image credit: NASA

In the 7th issue, the Story of our Search for Life in the Universe turns from telescopes to microscopes in order to examine the study prebiotic chemistry. Understand how life on Earth arose from chemical precursors is a core question of astrobiology, and essential in determining whether or not life could originate on other worlds. This issue delves into the rich scientific history of prebiotic chemistry, the role of NASA in supporting research since the early days of the agency, and the incredible discoveries that have been made in recent years.

Download the PDF.