Frontier Science Seminars at ELSI

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A team of ELSI researchers assembled to present lectures at the 3rd Frontier Seminar series by Tokyo Tech's Life Science and Technology Department under the supervision ELSI affiliate researcher, Prof. Yuichi Hongoh. The seminars will cover the origin and evolution of life on Earth in three sessions.

Session 1: Wednesday, 24 July at Suzukakedai campus room B221, with ELSI researchers Yamei Li and Shawn McGlynn

Session 2: Wednesday, 31 July at ELSI Mishima Hall, with Irena Mamajanov and Tony Jia

Session 3: Thursday, 1 August at the 1st floor lounge of ELSI-2, with Kosuke Fujishima and Tomohiro Mochizuki

The seminar is open to Tokyo Tech and ELSI students, interns and visitors.