日付 2013 氏名
"Birth story of the Earth's Life"
JpGU Annual Meeting, Chiba
日付 May 2013 氏名
"Origin of life: Source rocks for the origin and evolution of life"
Japan Geoscience Union, Chiba
日付 May 5, 2013 氏名
『コンピュータで自然を観察する ─宇宙の謎からナノの世界の謎まで』
新潟県立自然科学館 「とやのがたグリーン・フェスタ 2013」
日付 2013 氏名
Molecular Complexity and the Origin of Life.
1st ELSI Science Symposium, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo
日付 April 13, 2013 氏名 斎藤 貴之
日付 April 2013 氏名
"Isotopomer analysis of molecules of geochemical interest in the interface among the atmosphere, the oceans, land surface, and the biosphere."
中国矿物岩石地球化学学会2013年学术会, Nanjin, China,
日付 April 2013 氏名
"Multianvil high-pressure technology and synthesis of novel polycrystalline materials"
Annual Meeting of Material Research Society, San Francisco,
日付 March 28 2013 氏名 Daisuke Kiga
Synthetic/constructive experiment of life and evolution of genome Daisuke Kiga
1st ELSI symposium Tokyo , Japan
日付 January 2013 氏名 Joe Kirschvink
"Mars Vs. Earth"
Gordon Conference on ‘Origins of Life”, Galveston, Texas
日付 January 2013 氏名 Joe Kirschvink
"Magnetotactic origins of Mitochondria"
Gordon Conference on ‘Geobiology Microbe-Mineral Interactions, Biomineralization, and the Rock Record’”, Ventura, California