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For press
June 1, 2016
Interview about Astrobiology
Kousuke Fujishima
Book / Magazine
May 12, 2016
The challenge of human - The Mars VS The deep sea
Kousuke Fujishima
Media Coverage List
NHK BS premium
April 22, 2016
Cosmic front NEXT The mystery of the globular cluster
Takayuki Saitoh
The Conversation
March 24, 2016
Dramatic change in the moon's tilt may help us trace the origin of water on Earth
Matthieu Laneuville
The Australian, Higher Education
March 24, 2016
Tipsy moon shows a new face
Matthieu Laneuville

Television / Radio|2015

Date February 14, 2016 Name Hidenori Genda
No.534 惑星誕生!ジャイアントインパクト (Translation: No.534: planet birth! Giant impact)
E-Tele Science ZERO's
Date January 25, 2016 Name Chaitanya Giri
Indian-Led Scientists' Team Discover Why Comet Appears Black
Date October 1, 2015 Name Hidenori Genda
COSMIC FRONT☆NEXT; How The Earth Was Made: Birth of the Earth
NHK BS Premium
Date July 16, 2015 Name Eric Smith
Aspen Science Highlights - "New Theories on the Orgin of Life" with Eric Smith, Ph.D.
GrassRoots Community Network
Date July 14, 2015 Name Jun Kimura
Music Bunker ★σ "TAMA voice" of Gai Tamauchi
Chofu FM
Date July 11, 2015 Name Kei Hirose
Yume★Yume Engine!
Date July 7, 2015 Name Jun Kimura
Music Bunker ★σ "TAMA voice" of Gai Tamauchi
Chofu FM
Date April 14, 2015 Name Shigeru Ida
Talking hot in the evening; Search for heavenly bodies where a living entity seems to be
NHKR1 Look ahead! News of the evening
Date April 13, 2015 Name Ken Takai
Discover it at last? Scientists challenging life out of the earth
NHK G Today's Close-up