[Sep 16, 2017] JGU Outreach Event "Let's make a planet using dough clay!

This outreach event is for elementary school students in 4th-6th grades. Participants make an Earth, Mars or Mercury with dough clay. During the event, researchers of ELSI give a lecture on the planets and students learn about core, mantle and crust of the planets in an enjoyable way.

Date&Time:  Sep. 16, 2017(Sat)10:00〜12:00
Participant:  4th-6th grade elementary school students
No of participant: 20
Entry fee:  Free
Application:  Please fill in the application form on this website.
Instructor:   Dr. Tomohiro Usui, Dr. Norio Kitadai
Sponsor:    The Geochemical Society of Japan

Please apply here. (We apologize that only Japanese website is available.)

*Please come with casual clothes which you would not mind getting dirty.
*If you have a wheat allergy, please refrain from applying for the event.