[Sep 30, 2017] Special Public Event "ELSI Origins I: Space Dust to Sentience"

ELSI will hold a special public event "ELSI Origins I: Space Dust to Sentience" on September 30, 2017.

For details and registration, please visit the event website.


What is the origin of the earth? What is the origin of life? Come with us on a scientific journey from the birth of planets all the way to the origins of conscious thought and artificial intelligence.

On September 30th, scientists at the Tokyo Institute of Technology Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI) will speak to the public about what we work on at ELSI, as we try to understand the major transitions in the universe that led to life and beyond. Hear from scientists carrying out cutting edge research on geological and planetary sciences, life sciences and astrobiology and ask them whatever you want to know in the Q & A sessions.