[Jan.10] Young Researchers' Day (The 5th ELSI International Symposium's pre-event)

January 10, 2017

ELSI Hall, ElSI Agora

The day before the Symposium, ELSI is inviting all young researchers working on early Earth and/or early life to present their research during one day.

When: 10 January, 9:30-

Where: Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology
-Talks: ELSI Hall(ELSI-1)
-Poster Session: Agora(ELSI-1)

9:30-10:00 introduction
10:00-12:00 talks

From deep Earth to the surface environments
- Marie Laure Pons (University of Cambridge)
The serpentinization of the oceanic lithosphere is a hydrothermal reaction that may have played a critical role in the emergence of life. How can we trace this process in ancient rocks (3.8 Ga), for which the fluid is long gone?
- Athanasia Nikolaou -- German Aerospace Center (DLR)
A modelling study of the coupled magma ocean - atmosphere thermal evolution during the Hadean.
Constraining the initial budget for the H2O and CO2 volatiles in the geochemical cycle: the role of the magma ocean thermal evolution and simultaneous outgassing.

Geochemistry to prebiotic chemical reaction network
- Sukrit Ranjan (Harvard University)
UV light and the Origin of Life on Earth and Other Worlds
Recent experiments suggest UV light played a key role in the origin of life on Earth. What can studying UV environments (on Earth and other planets) can tell us about planetary habitability?
- David Fialho (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Unlike the canonical nucleobases of RNA, the noncanonical nucleobases melamine and barbituric acid react with ribose to form pairing nucleosides.

From origins of life to modern biosphere
- Tony Jia (Harvard University/ELSI)
Peptide-Assisted Non-Enzymatic RNA Replication.
How did RNA replicate on the early earth before the existence of RNA polymerase enzymes (and ribozymes)? Short peptides may ultimately hold the key.
- Milena Popovic (NASA/BMSIS\)
The Environment and Evolution of RNA Catalysis
Considering the specific environments in which biopolymers evolve is essential when evaluating their potential roles in the origin and early evolution of life.

17:00-20:00 poster session

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