[March 23] ELSI Seminar

Associate Prof. Shigehiko Tateno (Institute for Planetary Materials, Okayama University)
March 23, 2017

ELSI-1 Building - ELSI Hall

Title: Experimental petrology of the Earth's lower mantle

Speaker: Shigehiko Tateno (Associate Professor, Institute for Planetary Materials, Okayama University)

Abstract: Understanding of the building block of the Earth requires complete knowledge of the bulk composition as well as chemistry in the solar nebula. However, the composition of the lower mantle, inaccessible geochemical reservoirs with huge volume, has long been under debate. One approach is experimental petrology, aimed at experimentally simulating conditions within the Earth in order to understand the phase diagram of the relevant materials (e.g., mantle rock and chondrite materials) and the partitioning of specific elements between crystals and melts.

In this talk, I will introduce my research projects encompassing (1) technical development for high-pressure and high-temperature generation for obtaining thermodynamically reliable dataset and (2) its applications to the petrological studies on phase diagram, element partitioning, and isotope fractionation with particular focus on the crystallization of deep magma ocean right after accretion. Combined with seismic/geochemical observations, these would provide insights to elucidate the process by which terrestrial planets were assembled and identify the types of extant meteorites that are representative of precursor material that accreted into the proto-Earth.