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Date March 23, 2016 Name Matthieu Laneuville
The moon's poles have no fixed address
The Science News
Date March 23, 2016 Name Matthieu Laneuville
Moon's lack of water down to ancient shift in its spin axis
New Scientist
Date February 23, 2016 Name Betül Kacar
Reconstructing Evolution: A Molecular Time Machine
Science for the Public
Date February 21, 2016 Name Joseph L. Kirschvink
"Evolutionary Big Bang" --Triggered By Wholesale Relocation of Earth's Continents 520 Million Years Ago
The Daily Galaxy
Date February 20, 2016 Name Joseph L. Kirschvink
<今週のHONZ> 生命進化の歴史は地球の環境から読み解ける (Translation: This week's HONZ; The Radical New Discoveries About the Origins and Evolution of Life on Earth)
Toyokeizai ONLINE
Date February 15, 2016 Name Jun Kimura
<特集インタビュー> 氷衛星の研究 (Translation: Special interview; Research into the icy moons)
Date February 14, 2016 Name Chaitanya Giri
So Meteor Strikes Are Rare? India Has Had Numerous Hits in the Past 15 Years
The Indian Express
Date February 12, 2016 Name Kosuke Fujishima
<宇宙ビジネスの新潮流>「地球外生命体」と「火星移住」を研究する日本人を知ってますか?(Translation: New trend in commercial space exploration; Do you know a Japanese person who researches "Extraterrestrial life" and "the colonization of Mars"?)
ITmedia business online
Date January 25, 2016 Name Chaitanya Giri
Why comets appear black? Indian-led scientists' group finally finds answer
Date January 15, 2016 Name Tomohiko Sato
研究者が選ぶ! 好きな○○ ベスト3 (Translation: My favorite ○○'s best 3 -A researcher chooses!- )
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