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For press
June 1, 2016
Interview about Astrobiology
Kousuke Fujishima
Book / Magazine
May 12, 2016
The challenge of human - The Mars VS The deep sea
Kousuke Fujishima
Media Coverage List
NHK BS premium
April 22, 2016
Cosmic front NEXT The mystery of the globular cluster
Takayuki Saitoh
The Conversation
March 24, 2016
Dramatic change in the moon's tilt may help us trace the origin of water on Earth
Matthieu Laneuville
The Australian, Higher Education
March 24, 2016
Tipsy moon shows a new face
Matthieu Laneuville
Date September 25, 2013 Name Shigenori Maruyama
Warashibe Mad Scientists #79 "History of the Earth"
TV Bros.
Date September 1, 2013 Name Hidenori Genda
The origin and evolution of planet "earth" which brought up life
National Science Museum magazine, milsil No.6
Date August 28, 2013 Name Kei Hirose
Warashibe Mad Scientists #78 "High-pressure Earth Science"
TV Bros.
Date July 31, 2013 Name Daisuke Kiga
Warashibe Mad Scientists #77 "Synthetic biology"
TV Bros.
Date June, 2013 Name Takayuki Saitoh
SPACE NOW!; Milky Way nucleus of the Galaxy adds to brightness
Date May 25, 2013 Name Takayuki Saitoh
It is paid attention to Milky Way nucleus of the Galaxy this autumn
Nikkei Publishing Inc., SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN for Japan
Date May 15, 2013 Name Takayuki Saitoh
In 2013, a gas cloud falls to a nucleus of the Galaxy
Tokuma Shoten, TOWNMOOK "A mystery and wonder of the space"
Date April 8, 2013 Name Shigeru Ida
The way which avoids human extinction―Yoshiaki Kanno Anti-essays
Tokai Education Research Institute
Date April 8, 2013 Name Shigeru Ida
While the astronomer looks up at the night sky