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The 6th ELSI International Symposium

January 9, 2018 - January 11, 2018

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ookayama Campus, Multi-Purpose Digital Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Building bridges from Earth to Life : From Chemical Mechanism to Ancient Biology

Theme of the ELSI 6th International Symposium

Understanding the transition from the Earth's earliest geochemistry to the later emergence of life requires a synthesis of knowledge across an unprecedented range of scales, including size, time, and complexity. Multiple topics need to be examined, such as elementary mechanisms in organic geochemistry and catalysis, energy sources and systems contributing to prebiotic reactions, the assembly and roles of intermediate-scale structures, and molecular and ecological systems evolutionary biology. Recent advances in several areas bring us closer to connecting several links needed to reason from micro to macro, and from geochemistry to nascent biochemistry. The goal in this symposium is to hold a collaborative conversation, among speakers and participants, to sketch the form of this emerging bridge, and to point out both the most compelling opportunities and the most urgent needs.

05 October -- Deadline for poster submission for students requesting travel support.
20 October -- Deadline for poster submission (not eligible for travel support).
30 November -- Deadline for general registration.

Symposium Official Website: www.elsi6sympo.com

The conference webpage includes registration, abstract submission for poster presentations, and contact information.

*Researchers and students in related fields are encouraged to attend.
*There is limited travel support available for students who present a poster.
*A public lecture and post-symposium workshops will be also held. The details will be available later.

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