Associate Professor Hidenori Genda will appear on TV.

ELSI's Associate Professor Hidenori Genda will star in E-Tele Science
ZERO's broadcast of "No.534 planet birth! Giant impact".

genda2015.jpgStarring: Earth Life Science Institute Project Associate Professor
Hidenori Genda
Program name: E-Tele "Science ZERO", "No.534 planet birth! Giant impacts"
Program content: huge celestial bodies collide with each other in a "giant impact". They occur during the formation of solar systems and are thought to have made planets such as the Earth, Mars and Venus. Details such as the "number of times" and the "collision angle" of giant impacts have been revealed in simulations. In addition, a spacecraft that landed on Pluto last year found there are traces of a giant impact. Looking at major celestial events more than 40 billion years ago, we investigate
the process of how solar system planets and dwarf planets are born.

Broadcast date: the first time: February 14, 2016 (Sunday) 23:30 pm ~
Rebroadcast: February 20, 2016 (Saturday) 12:30 pm ~

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