Event Report

Secondary school students from Viet Nam and China visit ELSI

On August 21, 2015, secondary school students from Viet Nam and China visited ELSI as a part of their tour organised by the JST Sakura Science Plan. The students were heartily welcomed by ELSI researchers and outreach members Ramon Brasser and Christine Hernlund. Upon arrival the students were shown the ELSI video to introduce them to our institute. This was followed by a half-hour lecture by Brasser and Hernlund about working at ELSI, the challenges and rewards of living and working in Japan, what life is like as a scientist and how to get there, and the general benefits of working and living abroad. We implored the students to spend time living abroad and enjoy the benefits, drawing on our own experience.

0821a.jpgThe students subsequently enjoyed a short break during which they were allowed to complete a paper model of the Earth's interior. Once they were refreshed, Brasser and Hernlund were joined by ELSI PI Eric Smith for a Q&A session with the students. We requested the students to form groups and each group was allowed to ask the scientists one question.
It was our impression that the students were responsive and enthusiastic and they asked pertinent questions on a variety of topics, indicating some awareness of the problems we try to solve here at ELSI.

0821b.jpgWe at ELSI enjoyed this event and we look forward to welcoming more international secondary school students in the future.