84 Sense of Wonder in Tokyo

ArturoIMG_0324.jpgI should begin by telling you that I´m not a scientist, but an advertiser turned into philosopher and science communicator. Like the visit to ELSI in Tokyo Japan, it has been an amazing adventure and I have been changed, hopefully for the best. I have never been to Tokyo, and for me, it was an incredible adventure in which I had the opportunity to experience a complex amalgam of technologic and scientific development alongside with the mystic sense of its cultural tradition. Tall futuristic buildings live side by side with Shinto and Buddhist temples surrounded by amazing gardens, fountains and public spaces, in which people quietly share a relaxing moment. Three different environments in which we as humans transit through space and time, the natural world and the abstractions of nation/city and the virtual space made possible in part by the technological devices that are common for us. All of this left me with a peaceful sense of wonder.

I got this same sense of wonder at the 3rd international ELSI symposium, let me explain why. It´s quite exciting to see the diverse perspectives in which life and its evolution can be explained, not in the sense of a theory of Truth, but as a set of the best reasons that construct a broader and deeper representation of the universe around us. From my point of view, this diversity of knowledge creates a space in which we can communicate science to a broader audience and we should as science communicators promote democratic and horizontal strategies so that we can hear and see the expression of wonder and excitement from people around us. Technology may well help us in our endeavor, as scientists or as science communicator, but let´s not forget about the emotive part of our activity, and how emotions and cultural traditions may add to the diversity of knowledge constructed by us, so we can have yet a deepest and humanist representation of our universe; one which can integrate scientific and cultural beliefs.

Finally, I wish to thank all the kind, smart and interesting people from ELSI who made it possible for a philosopher to broaden his knowledge not only about the universe but also about the exquisite diversity of cultural traditions and different representations of life.

Hoping to hear from you soon:

Arturo Rubio